Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two important Tech stuff

The first one is by Notion Ink's Adam Tablet - in (a slate type touch screen computer) stepping up to Apple's iPad. Technical specs look sound, whether that translates into customer acceptance is to be seen - why I like this is due to its low power consumption ebook reading - paper saver, in addition to being a full computer - a laptop /PC replacer. Added to that unlike Apple, Adam runs on Linux! not any proprietary profit oriented software

The second is even more important is a clean energy company Bloom Energy unveiled their solid oxide fuel cell technology based distributed power generator which can produce electricity at the consumer's site - thus avoiding all electrical losses - induction loss, transmission loss, etc. Customers seem to be happy as the system does produce electricity as promised

Similarly at a rural level microbial fuel cell (fuel cells using simple gobar-cow dung) can revolutionise lighting with LED lighting. All you need is a liter or two of cowdung and you get lighting for about 2-3 hours nonstop in the night or recharge a mobile phone batteries... looks really promising.

Another one is a thin film solar technology - where one can stick the solar cell like a plastic sticker into any flat surface. There are many such technologies - which we seldom come to know of. Due to our inability to spend time for knowing such stuff or sheer ignorance.

Well some thought I'm against Tech, actually not - I'm one of the feeble voices of appropriate technology. Hopefully human beings don't destroy nature and we live long enough to witness all these technologies take shape and gets into our mainstream life.

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