Thursday, January 28, 2010

30 Indian documentaries

Again on Ecology, Agriculture, Education, Environment, Life, etc.

#1. Leap Of Faith (about 3 families in Home schooling, Organic farming and Natural healing)
2. Poison on a Platter (on GM food and the health /environmental impacts)
3. Bt Cotton: A three-year Fraud (about GM Cotton failures in Andra)
4. "I Want My Father Back" (highlights the crisis in small farmer's families in India)
#5. The shape of water (water and culture in various societies in India and Africa)
6. The Seedkeepers (about how dalit women helps in sustainable agri and eco movement in Andra)
7. Mere Desh Ki Dharti (in the name of food security - food safety is compromised)
#8. Seeds of Life (2005 best agri film awarded) by Vandana Shiva
9. A Disaster in Search of Success: Bt Cotton in Global South (by Deccan Development Society)
10. Pedalling To Freedom (about life in one TN village)
#11. Eco-Dharma (about Bishnoi community - ecology as their religion)
12. Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha (about a village caught in globalisation)
#13. True Love In Pure Gold (about how relationships are entirely based on money)
14. The Technological Encroachment (how real life is increasingly becoming virtual)
#15. Shores of Silence (a landmark film for wildlife conservation globally)
#16. Black Pamphlets (global consumerist attitudes and Indian youth)
#17. Health Matters (important film on how corporatisation of healthcare is affecting India)
18. Accounts and Accountability (how a village people used RTI act against corruption)
#19. Dharma Dollies (about the stress and anxiety amongst the younger generation in urban India)
#20. What About The Children (about TV Ads exposed to children)
#21. Temples Of Water (water harvesting in Rajastan)
#22. Gharat (about water and sustainable energy in small scale and sustainable living)
#23. Urumaatram (on agri-land sold to a plastic factory in TN and happenings within the family which sold the land)
#24. Seeds of Plenty, Seeds of Sorrow (on the effects of Green Revolution in India)
#25. Tingya (about a small boy and his bull - life in a dry village)
#26. Gaabhricha Paus (The Damned Rain - on farmer suicides)
#27. Goshta Choti Dongraevadhi (life in a village and how situations force farmers to suicide)
#28. Holy Water 2007 (farmers protesting against Coca-Cola, decreasing water levels)
29. Autumn In The Himalayas (on Buddhist nuns and preserving the Eco system)
#30. The Slow Poisoning of India (on how pesticides gets into almost everything that we consume)

# - must see (as per reviews and comments - not my opinion)

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