Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top 50 Documentary films - Foreign

On Ecology, Agriculture, Nature, Lifestyle...

#1. Story of Stuff (20 minutes animated on Consumerism) -
2. 'Food Production and Population Growth' -by- Daniel Quinn & Alan D. Thornhill (about Food)
#3. World according to Monsanto (GMO & Biz tactics of Monsanto to bypass regulations for profits)
#4. Future of Food (GMO in our foods)
5. King Corn (about GM)
6. Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods -by- Jeffrey M. Smith
7. Pig Business - UK (on livestock farming in US)-
8. A Forest Garden Year (a documentary on Agro-Forestry based garden /farming - UK)
#9. Food Inc. (about corporatization of Food & Food manufacturing)
10. Fast food nation (about Food and health)
11. Meatrix (about Industrial livestock farming)
12. Super size me (about Food and health)
#13. Flow (about Water - the most important natural resource and how it is abused /controlled)
14. Earth Days (about Environment)
#15. Living with Renewable Energy (on Renewable energy for families)
16. Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America (on largescale Renewable energy)
17. A Delicate Balance - The Truth (is on the effects of diet on health and the environment)
#18. The Man Who Planeted Trees (Animated documentary based on the famous story of Jean Giono)
19. The 11th Hour (on global warming)
20. What A Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire (about USA and their lifestyle - which we copy)
#21. No Impact Man (one family's journey in reducing carbon footprint - living in New York city)
22. Zeitgeist Addendum (about how Money is created - Fractional banking and controlling the world)
23. The Corporation (about how Businesses controling everything that we all touch)
24. Who killed the electric car (about how oil lobby killed alternative energy transportation)
25. The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (on economic collapse and recovery of Cuba)
26. Crude - The real price of oil (on destruction of Amazon rain forests for oil by Chevron/Taxaco)
27. Up The Yangtze (about how mindless Industrialization spoiled Yangtze river)
28. Manufactured Landscapes (about urbanisation and its problems)
29. Fahrenheit 9/11 (about how 9/11 used to wage wars)
30. Sicko (about Health care system in US - India is following the footsteps of US)
31. Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids (For Adults)
#32. The Secret life of plants (Film on the same popular book of Tom Hopkins)
#33. Home - (Full featured film on the mother of all earth - with no copyrights-free)
34. The Insider (a feature film on the Tobacco industry's illegal means of business)
#35. Addicted to Plastic (the names says it all)
36. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies - (NatGeo educational documentary)
#37. The Age of Stupid
38. Silent Storm (about the deadly poison, Strontium-90 byproduct of nuclear testing in Australia)
39. Earth (2007 film)
40. The Cove (about killing of over 2500 dolphins in Japan)
#41. FernGully: The Last Rain­-forest (1992) (Educational film for children)
42. What Would Jesus Buy (on affluenza, over-consumption, addictive shopping etc.)
#43. All Jacked Up (about foods and food habits of teenagers)
44. Capitalism: A Love Story
45. The Yes Men 2003 & The Yes Men - fix the world (2 films) (about politics-business nexus)
46. Religulous (How organised religion breeds fanaticism & stupidity - comedy)
47. We Buy, Who Pays? (on consumerism, affluenza)
#48. Diverseeds (a documentary on the importance of Bio-diversity in agriculture & life)
49. An Inconvenient Truth (about Global warming)
#50. Life Running Out of Control (about GE /GM on plants /animals and its effects on environment)
#51. Coconut revolution
#52. WE FEED THE WORLD (about food and globalisation and how much is wasted)

# - Must see (as per reviews and comments - not my opinion)

Did I say only 50?!, well 52 are given...

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vrikshamitra said...

#1. Leap Of Faith (about 3 families in Home schooling, Organic farming and Natural healing)

I see some web sites recommending this documentary but can you help me put my hands on this?

By the way I was happy to see that my Prakruti is almost reflected in your profile but the intensity may be less. I have dabbled on all those things including a somewhat Walden like experience in true life. Hope to connect with you soon